Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A great day at Roca Partida, with lots of white tip sharks, galapagos sharks, big schools of fish, and more!

Hola to everybody from Roca Partida!
Today was a great day at Roca Partida, we had nice weather, temperature during the day was 26c/80 F, and a very sunny day. The water temperature was 77 F/25 C. We awoke to nice conditions, the current wasn't strong and helped us to have an easy dive on the eastern side of the rock with the white tips sharks. They’ve been hanging out at the caves and they were very helpful to take underwater photos and videos during our first dive. We continued our dive to the north area, once there we started watching ours first Galapagos sharks and the first big schools of Big eye Jack! The Galapagos got closer each time making a fascinating attraction to our divers. At our second dive we covered the eastern side once again, enjoying the amazing white tips shark ledges, including the little ones! Those caves are located at the 46 Ft, with very clear water and very good visibility, of more than 60 ft. We progressed down to the 90 ft. depth and we continued our dive on the northern point where we found big eye trevally jacks in little vertical schools, mixed with trumpet fish, Pacific creole fish, and huge big eye jacks. We moved with the marine life and we continued our dive to the western side to find a very nice vertical wall, plenty of hard coral in bright red and green colors, and to make our dive even more relaxing we could hear the sounds of the corals. On the way at southern point we ended our dive with white tips before we completed our safety stop in the beautiful and peaceful big blue.  After our second dive, Antonio our chef prepared a delicious yellow tail fish with vegetables and rice, for everyone to enjoy.  After recovering calories we burnt on our morning dives we got ready to start the third dive of the day and we went straight to the northern point, where immediately we found much more action this time! There were more Galapagos sharks circling, going up and down, in and out all over the place. This time they were moving from the 50' to the 70' and turning around. We found big schools of cottonmouth jacks, huge yellow fin tunas, and much deeper a few Hammerheads appear in a rush! Finally we moved southeast, finding a lot of action in the low light conditions. Galapagos mixed with white tips moving around. The current was a little bit stronger making an explosion of marine life! The swell was growing, then when the time was right we went out into the open blue to do our safety stop surrounded by a huge and beautiful school of Amberjack, making the enjoyment last until the very last minute of the dive!
Ignacio H. Leyro
Dive Instructor

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