Monday, January 19, 2015

A great start to our latest trip at San Benedicto!

Today was our first full day of diving of this trip and it was a great start as usual! We spent all day at San Benedicto island at the infamous El Cañon, the conditions didn’t changed much through out the day we had about 45ft/14m visibility and the water temperature was around 25C/76f with mild to zero east current.
The first dive was very good, with Giant Pacific Mantas from the start! While going down the anchor line they were nearby, they were not that playful on this dive but they were around! The highlight of this dive was a very curious bottle nose dolphin that came in the middle of our group of divers and stayed there posing for the pictures while we were waiting to see if any hammerheads were around! As soon as the dolphin left, we saw some hammerheads but from a distance. As we made our way up to the safety stop back on the anchor line we had once again some mantas around us!
On the next two dives we tried to go to where we saw the hammerheads again to see if they would came a bit closer and they did. There was a school of around 20 of them that came very close. Still we did not pay much attention to them because this time the mantas were all over the place and very playful! From the second dive on it was manta day at El Cañon. At one point we saw six of them together and almost all of them were very playful and were enjoying the diver’s bubbles on their gills.
On the surface interval before the last dive of the day we had a lot of action close to the boat, with lots of dolphins and tunas jumping around and lots of birds following them, something was being chased for sure!
The fourth and last dive of the day was a bit different, once again we had the mantas all over but this time we saw some silver tips and silky sharks along with a couple of dolphins and some big tunas around. We ended the day once again with a beautiful sunset creating great colors and shadows over the volcano on San Benedicto. Now we head to Socorro Island planning to do four dives on Cabo Pearce tomorrow!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Master

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