Sunday, January 18, 2015

We're back at the archipelago!

Hola amigos!

We are back at the archipelago!

Yesterday we left Cabo at about 3:30pm and had a very very smooth and fast crossing, the current helped us to get to the San Benedicto Island a little faster than normal and we got to our first dive site, “El Cañón”, for our check out dive at 2 pm! By 2:40 we were already in the water!

The temperature out of the water was 27C/80F, warmer than last trip, and the water temperature was 25C/77F, what made the dive very comfortable, the visibility was not very good, about 40ft/12m, but still, we had lots to see.
The weather was nice and calm so we set the stern anchor and we dove off the Solmar V swimming platform, a giant stride into the water and down the descent line we went!  Once in the water we noticed a mild current coming from the northeast, so we decided to go check out the east cleaning station of the dive site, but first as we made it to the end of the line, there was a black manta that came to say "Welcome to Revillagigedo Archipelago" to our divers!  It only checked us out and left, so we started swimming along the edge of the rocks and the blue waters, on the way out to the cleaning station we found several hammer heads, a couple swimming right above us, another small group of about 6 swimming out in the blue, another singles checking the rocks getting mixed with the bunch of white tip reef sharks and juvenile silver tips that made their way out to the cleaning station with us!
Once at the cleaning station we just laid on top of the rocks and enjoyed the show, we had schools of creole, trigger, butterfly fish, big eye trevallies, and of course all the sharks that accompanied us to the cleaning station, it was great just sitting there! Right before we started heading back towards the anchor line a huge very bulky hammer head showed up! Then time to head back and start the ascent, it was a very impressive dive as a first dive of the trip! Everybody is just waiting the time to get in the water tomorrow morning!
We are spending the night here at “El Cañón” and we will dive here again in the morning, so stay tuned because there is more action to come!

Hasta la vista!

Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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