Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cabo Pearce, a symphony underwater!

Hi All!  Jan 20, 2015.
Cabo Pearce, was a symphony underwater.
Starting early this morning we had humpback whales showing off!   We were not in the water yet, but we can tell there is a gorgeous visibility today! 
The first dive of the morning we had zero current, 24m/80' vis., water temp 25.5˚C/78˚F. As we were descending on the rope the reef was covered with lots of fish, the pale purple color of the rocks look so clean, at some point it feels as if we were diving in the air with lots of fish are flying around all of us! That is how I can describe the visibility at short distance in front of us, adding to the "underwater flying fish" during the whole dive we counted about 10 mantas in a very small area which is the cleaning station at 12m/40ft of water.  The whole reef was very active, it seems the loud singing of male humpback whales woke everything up! Each fish had the desire to be happy for the joy of all divers underwater at this time, and I can say we are happy too! From now on that singing will keep reminding us that we've got a chance to see those gigantic whales! We know it means it's mating season, and the singing will soon bring female hump back whales!
Our surface interval was really a whale of excitement when the massive whales swam by the stern of Solmar v several times, even jumping very close to the boat!
We stayed at Cabo pearce for the second dive and had the same underwater conditions as our previous dive, the mantas were there as well, with happy whales singing, lots of fish and dolphins chirping, clicking, all together on the 50 minute dive! So the symphony of these two mammals made us swim into the blue, kind of following the trail of sound, we know that is kind of impossible but he singing was so loud it seemed like they were just a few feet away from us the whole time! We think whales and dolphins like to hang out together, we have seen that happen before. We found 2-3 hammer heads on our search for the whales, but even with as big as they are, we weren't able to find them!
The third dive started a little slow, some of us were wondering where did all that life go in the 1:30hrs of our surface interval? Then a current from the South started to blow, so we went exploring along the reef once again from shallow water 12m/40ft to 24m/80ft of water, and soon fish started to show up, a rock packed up with lots of barber fish, yellow trumpet fish, flounders, we were facing the current a bit hoping for some hammer heads but they did not show up. We made our way back to shallow water and got intercepted by 3 extremely playful dolphins, one of them really curious one of our lucky divers was circled for several minutes by this playful dolphin! At the end of the dive we couldn't hear the whale singing but this one dolphin made up for it with its chirping in the absence of the whale singing! Just like the three musketeers these 3 dolphins got together, excited, happy, swimming circles, showing their bellies, more dolphin singing, went up for fresh air and came back down to play more! They left the area leaving some mantas by the descent line which we really enjoyed while doing a long safety stop.
The last dive to finish the day happened by cleaning station with one then two mantas. It was an incredible day of diving including a 3m/9ft long approximately tiger shark, the sunset is on it's way, and the reef is already spawning! Within minutes it was covered with eggs making it look blurry, so lucky to be in the right time and place to eye witness such an incredible event of mother nature.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V

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