Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mantas all over the dive site at Socorro Island!

Hola amigos!

Last night we left San Benedicto island and came to Socorro island,the crossing was very nice and smooth.
Our dive site today was “Cabo Pearce”, where the water was excellent today, last trip visibility here didn't treat us as well as we're used to, but today it was great! Blue water and 80ft/24m visibility with a water temperature of 77F/25C and pretty much no current, couldn't ask for anything else! And the action was also very very good!

Mantas were all over the dive site, we had mantas at 15ft/5m, 50ft/15m and 100ft/30m, we saw them on the shallow area of the dive site, both north and south ends, down in the deeper area there were more mantas! They were just everywhere today! The clarion angel fish also did their part, they were at all of those depths and doing a great job cleaning them once again! The mantas will take turns getting cleaned making sure to take some time to come and play with us, we had at least 10 different mantas, both chevron and black mantas, different sizes and all of them kept coming and coming and coming and coming, we only had to hover and wait for them to come to us to get their bubble bath!

Dolphins came to play today as well, they showed up in between the mantas and the divers first kind of looking at us like strange things in the water, but once they saw that it was only silly divers they started playing, swimming around us several times, slowing down and then speeding up at times, it was awesome! The dolphin action lasted for a while and you could see the smiles of our divers even with their regulators in their mouths! And it got better! 2 dolphins went to a buoy that hangs at about 60ft/18m and started playing with it, taking turns to hit it over and over, then when they got tired of that they went to a manta and started teasing it giving little gentle bites on its tail, many times until the manta got fed up and left, it was quite funny to watch! Then they came back to us and swam in between us very slowly looking at us and doing a few twists and turns and then left us playing with the mantas, that followed us all the way up the surface, we were even getting back on the pangas and the mantas will pass right underneath us kind of saying please don't go!

Now we rest next to this majestic island and tomorrow we are diving here again, so stay tuned because we hope it is going to be as good or better than today!
Hasta la vista!

Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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