Thursday, January 29, 2015

What an incredible and unbelievable first day at Roca Partida!


What an incredible and unbelievable first day at Roca Partida!

Just waking up and walking by the dive deck to check the last details before going for the first dive, a few whales were already showing up, kind of close to the boat. While we chatted and had the typical morning coffee, some of our guests shout that some other whales were close to the bow, so we all went up to it to see the giant mammals, but what it was to our surprise was this momma humpback whale with her calf was the same whale that had hung out for almost 2 months back in 2013! To double check it and make sure she was the same whale we confirmed it with our id photo from 2013 and yes, she was the same whale, 100% accurate.

So in our briefing we announced it that we were going to have an amazing and unforgettable time at Roca Partida with such friendly whales! When we jumped in to the water for the first dive, we met a 26C/77F water temperature, 100’/30 m visibility and beautiful blue water! We all were excited for the whales and decided to spend the dive looking for them. Not even 15 min went by when about twenty dolphins came from all directions, we tried to keep up with them for a while and while we did it, we realized they had led us to the whales! Momma humpback, her calf and even better a third whale already which was the escort was already part of the new family of leviathans, so we had three whales instead two only! And to make it even better, dolphins hung out and swam around them too! It was so really amazing, not only for the combination of humpback whales and dolphins at the same time but we were observing the same momma only 2 years after the first time. Basically we spent the rest of the dive with the whales as they just surfaced to breath and came back and stayed in the same spot without leaving.

The show was not over yet, we spent 2 hours snorkeling with all three whales that delivered incredible show and close passes specially the baby humpback to every single swimmer!

In the second dive we stop by the pockets of the rock where the piles of white reef sharks rest to show everybody the residents of the rock, very briefly we stayed, before the three whales were behind us hovering just like they had done it in the first dive. We literally spent the second and third dive and the rest of the day enjoying the marvelous moments we all lived today!

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that we’re staying another day and perhaps two more days here in this epic place, ROCA PARTIDA!Expect the unexpected when you come to visit this rocky summit in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Stayed tuned and waited for the next Roca Partida adventures with the Solmar V folks and our friendly whales!
Hasta la vista.
Erick Higuera

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