Monday, January 12, 2015

Humpbacks, playful dolphins, lots of sharks, and even a manta on Day 2 at Roca Partida!!

Today we had another great day at Roca Partida. It started with some whale watching from the boat right after breakfast, we had three humpbacks going around us with a couple of breaches very close!
At 8:00 am we got in the water for our first dive, from the beginning to the end of the dive which lasted fifty minutes we had bottlenose dolphins playing with us! At one point, we counted twenty at the same time. Throughout the dive we also saw a few hammerheads, silky, silvertips and Galapagos sharks, at some points all in the same frame!
Roca Partida was full of life the entire day, on the second dive, the hammerheads were still around but this time we saw a big school!  At the beginning of the dive we went down to 30 meters/100ft where around 30 of them passed by facing us and you could see the rest of the school deeper down!  We didn’t see dolphins on this dive but we could hear them.  Lots of yellow fin tunas and silky sharks were passing chasing smaller fish throughout the dive.
In the afternoon we went for our last dive of the day and the conditions were still the same, all day long no current, 30meters/100ft visibility and the temperature around 24C/76f. This dive was very similar to the second one, but on the last twenty minutes we had one manta hanging out with the group at about 5meters/15ft, there were about ten divers together and the manta was going on top of everyone one by one enjoying all the divers' bubbles.
We finished the day watching the beautiful sunset and checking out the silky sharks going around the boat on the surface. Tomorrow we have one more day here at Roca Partida hopefully it will be as good as the last two days have been.
Thiago Mendonca

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