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Dolphins, mantas, and more at Socorro Island!

Dec 31, 2014
Cabo Pearce, Isla Socorro
The early morning couldn’t have been any more orange than it already was, due to gorgeous sunrise, partially cloudy, very calm water surface, it was a fantastic morning to go diving!
As we are briefing our guests for a 7:00 am dive, dolphins were already here cutting the surface with dorsal fins just by the stern of Solmar V.
Underwater we had almost zero current,  making an easy dive to wait for dolphins at 18m/60ft of water. We know they are in the area, constantly chirping communicating with each other, we can hear them louder and louder, they really made our neck work out trying by looking for them in all directions! It took from 5 to 10 minutes to find us, we can think of them like if they sent 3 messengers to play first for a bit of time then the whole group of 11 were encircling us with different moves! Their intelligence, curiosity, and energy makes them extremely popular, we know their max measurements 2.45 to 3.8m/8ˈ to  12ˈ6ʺ and can live up to 50 years! Anyway as usual they disappeared by swimming off in front of us heading toward the island, they left us behind in the company of a chevron manta coming up from 27m/90ft of water, not too long after and again 4 dolphins showed up to do more spins and a slow free fall showing bellies in front of us sort of inviting to go deeper and deeper, blowing some donuts to make them look more cute to look at.
Our surface interval very pleasant in air temp of 26.6˚C/80˚F, vis on the surface of about 74km/40 nautical miles, San Benedicto Island visible from here!
Second dive current picked up strongly from North, we had the opportunity to go to the end of the reef heading East. The mantas are also very curious, they like us or the bubbles we make, 3 of them following us until the end of reef, with a few hammerheads here and there.
Third dive we are on a mission, to find octopus to please our guests. That is not difficult here at Cabo Pearce, right by the anchor we found 2 of them very well tucked in, so our divers got up really close with them, and had an opportunity to see how octos can change colors, texture of skin, move tentacles by reaching out to feel whatˈs that, they are also very intelligent by the way! Flounders do change color too, one just by the octo was very blended in! We moved on to make our dive progress for more around 12m/40ft of water to the cleaning station, obviously mantas were there but not so playful this time, they were more at distance coming in barely, vis also changed to from 10m/33ft to 20m/66ft, water temp 26˚C/79˚F.
Dive #4 a whole different story, once again we had octos walking over the reef, we followed it, slowly, and it didn’t seem to mind, it kept moving on from rock to rock, we were all looking at it but the mantas going crazy above wanting attention, so funny!! So we spent the whole dive with mantas being playful, they really changed behavior, bubbles all over the reef, mantas were happy happy, the dolphins showed up once more, but didn’t want to stay too long, it was a quick pass, but during one of the surface intervals we actually did some snorkeling with 10 of them!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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