Monday, May 30, 2016

Another extraordinary dive day at Roca Partida

Photo: Erick Higuera

Another day at Roca Partida and as usual it was extraordinary the water temperature was 76F/25C and the visibility was close to 100ft/30m.

On the first dive we dropped on the south side this time there was not much going on there so we decided to move to the north side. As we were swimming we were looking down to try to spot some hammerheads and to our surprise as soon as we looked up there they were! Right above us close to the surface witch does not happen often here. There were about 30 of them. After following the hammerheads into the blue for a bit we decided to go back to the rock and that is when we saw one very friendly dolphin relaxing there almost without moving as soon as we got close to it two mantas showed up and allowed the dives to blow bubbles under them while the dolphin was looking. To finish this amazing dive we got to the north side and we saw a masisve school of bonitas with silky sharks in the middle of it, galapagos on top and some silvertips on the bottom just amazing.

On the second dive we dropped on the north side to try to see the school of bonitas again and as soon as we got in the water they were there. We started following the school and managed to see them for about 20 minutes while the silkys, galapagos and silvertips were trying to eat some of them. After a while the school got some speed and went deeper so we lost it. As we were making our way to the safety stop drifting in the blue a school of about 30 hammerheads came from the deep and did a couple of loops around us and just to end it even better on the safety stop there was a manta on the surface looking at us.

On the last dive we stayed on the north side, the same dolphin from the morning showed up again and played with us for a bit while a school of very big yellow fin tunas was passing over our heads. We spotted a silky shark that had a big hook on him with a very long fishing line dragging, so I tried to help him get rid of it. I managed to get very close and grab the line and the shark was letting me do this but the hook was stuck all the way inside of his mouth and some tools were going to be needed to remove it so unfortunately I had to let it go. At the end we went over to the ledges where the white tips are to say good by to them and as we were checking them out a manta came up and stayed till the end of the dive.

Thiago Mendonca, Dive instructor, Solmar V

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