Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Photo: Jamie Pollack

Today we dove at Cabo Pearce. It was a bit windy but the diving conditions were great. The water temperature was 78F/25C and the visibility varied from 40ft/12m to 100ft/30m.

The first two dives were very nice and calm. There were lots of white tip sharks on the reef and 5 mantas going around. Unfortunately they were not so friendly with the divers, most of them stayed shallow but we were able to look at them from below into the sun and get great silo shots.

On the third dive the current picked up a lot and we did a drift dive. At Cabo Pearce drift dives usually have a couple of stops, as we got close to one of the cleaning stations we stopped and got the reef hooks out and just stayed there watching the fish and white tips go by in the current.

On the last dive the current was still very strong but we stayed in the protected area of the reef checking out some of the small stuff: octopus, flounders and all the cleaning reef fish. When we thought the dive had ended, the manta that we had seen in the morning felt like playing with the divers and was able to get very close and enjoy the divers’ bubbles.

Thiago Mendonca, Dive Instructor, Solmar V

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