Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 13 Dive Report Cabo Pearce

Today we were at Socorro Island and we dove in Cabo Pearce, the conditions were great, the water temperature was 78F/26C and the visibility ranged from 60ft/20m to 80ft/24m.

We did not see many big things today only one manta that passed by quickly and a couple of dolphins that did not stay around for long but still Cabo Pearce is a really good place for the little things plus the rock formations and the reef are really nice here.

There were many white tips around the reef and some juvenile Galapagos sharks around, all day long we could see schools of small yellowfin tuna passing by close to the surface. We spent most of the dives checking out the reef which was full of octopus, flounders, moray eels and all sorts of reef fish getting cleaned by butterfly and barber fish.

Tonight we head to Roca Partida hoping for some more action and more of some of the big animals that we like to see.

Thiago Mendonca, Dive Instructor, Solmar V

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