Sunday, May 15, 2016

Witnessing the hunter / prey relationship in the wild!

May 14 Dive Report Roca Partida

Photo: Erick Higuera

Below the surface water temp were 24℃/75℉, vis a bit greenish but still good to
see and find things, east side was not so active, marine life wasn't there! This is how
the current makes fish move to other areas! So as the fish we go where everything
is as well.

As we are swimming south along the wall a chevron manta swims over our heads and places itself right in front sort of telling us to stop here which we did. She was very friendly swimming several tight circles around us letting us blow bubbles on her belly. She made us swim right where the current is even though it wasn't strong yet! Lots of big black jacks off the wall schooling, pacific creole fish by the hundreds, all over the place and wahoos as always travelling in twos hunting on yellow tail trigger fish. Its very interesting to witness hunter and prey relationship.

A bit deeper 33m/110ft we saw sharks! Load and loads of them. Schooling Galapagos, silver tips and a bigger school of hammerheads, every dive was a dream dive. At 18m/60 ft of water a blurry shadow come closer and closer, it takes shape finally, such a massive school of striped bonitos swirls and stops moving at our eye level, of course dolphins came in at some point along the day, not so interested today they appeared for a few seconds to investigate and went away!

Life is not so easy for boobies ether, the flock is returning from hunting, Frigate birds are awaiting flying over the area! Finally the encounter happens, they chase boobies until the point to get then exhausted throwing up the fish in their bellies, easy food for the majestic Frigate birds.

Dive Inst, Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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