Sunday, May 22, 2016

It is 12:30 pm, our crossing straight south has been good, and soon we will be in the water, San Benedicto Island is ahead of us, which means divers are getting excited, some of them have been waiting for this trip over two years.

Our check out dive is taking place at Las Cuevas, northeast side, everything
is ready for the first diver to jump into the water, our descent line is there,
buoyancy check done, lets go deeper! As we descend, the amazing vis lets
us see the whole reef, with lobsters out of crevices, a tight circle of small schools of blue and gold snappers and an unusual number of long tail sting rays all over the place.

Our 5mm and 7mm wetsuits are a little too much for 26℃/79℉ water temp today! White tip sharks are out of their homes, lying on the sandy bottom resting all together. As we return to the main area the number of lobsters we see keeps increasing, just before we go into the swim thru a very curious school of blue fin trevally came to circle us several times before departing.

We are at 15m/50ft just near the bottom of the swim thru and feeling it all.  We see a green turtle, which swims by us, it comes up to a shallower ledge 7m/20ft and we follow it slowly to not disturb it. Then we find an area with lots of Clarion fish that happily did a clean up job from parasites, 47 minutes of slowly swimming took us all over the area.

A quiet sunset made the evening unforgettable.  The moon did not take too long to appear bringing its orange color reflecting the light on the surface of the water.

It is 20:30 hrs silky sharks are around the Solmar V, we can hear the breathing of dolphins, the morning dive can be a great one!!!!!

Dive Inst, Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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