Friday, May 6, 2016

May 5 Dive Report at Roca Partida
We started the day with the best vibe ready to have encounters with sharks, dolphins and mantas. The conditions were perfect for our plans, great visibility with more than 90 ft / 30 mts of clear water, mild current pushing from the northeast. Water temperature was a bit cold with 73 F / 23 C and some thermoclines in between.

Large Schools of Hammerheads
The first day started at the east side of Roca watching the little caves to spot the white tip sharks, bunch of them pilling one over the other made the perfect shot for our guests. As the dive goes on, we went deeper cause the objective of this day was to see the big schools of hammerheads so we went down to 90 ft / 30 mts and immediately we started to see white dots that proved that the hammers were down there, so we followed the path and a big school showed right in front of us, maybe about 100 individuals swimming in perfect synchronicity and elegance. As we were coming up, we spotted 3 dolphins that played along the divers while we were doing the safety stop with some mantas under us too!

Galapagos and Silvertip Sharks
For the second dive we drifted at the south side of Roca and we could encounter the same school but this time with some Galapagos and Silver Tips in between. So beautiful is this to watch, the contrast with the sandy bottom (great visibility), and when we thought everything has been seen we saw more mantas at the safety stop with some wahoos swimming erratically between us.

Big school of Galapagos and Silvertips
For the third dive we decided to stay close to the rock, but what was our surprise when our videographer pointed to us a big school of Galapagos and Silver tips close to the rock, so we went to 90 ft /30 mts to see them, what a great experience it is to see these guys, specially cause we haven’t seen them since 5 trips ago, so we know they are still around! This is why people like to come here, to see this and feel such a sharky environment, so we offer the best we could to our divers this time and they really seemed to enjoy it.
We only have to be so grateful to have this incredible little spot, full of magic and surprises, you have to live Roca!

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

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