Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful moorish idol fish

With our happy divers on board, our expedition begins in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Islas Revillagigedo is our first destination. Traveling south, we notice the gradual change of the water color from greenish to a really nice blue. Sunset is really something here! It is 13:00hrs May 30th, 2016 the first Island is visible to us, we have been escorted by dolphins and masked boobies flying constantly around the Solmar V fishing for flying fish.

Las Cuevas dive site offered shelter against some swells from the Northwest for our check out dive. As we descend we got a gorgeous overview of the entire area due to the fantastic visibility.  Moorish idol fish, sting rays, lobsters, burrito grunt fish, all near the sandy bottom at 22m/65ft. The quietness of the underwater world here lets us actually hear the cracking coral, current was absent! So we did a successful exploration of the sandy bottom, with water temp a nice 25℃/78℉, boulders on our right side and sting rays so friendly that let us approach for close ups.

Finally we got out there and a green turtle came across our way once again, the swimming was nice and slow just to enjoy being underwater. Lots of small fish around the hard coral and two octopus too well blended in, a fun place with lots of white tip sharks to start our trip!

Dive Inst, Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.    

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