Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baitballs, dolphins, mantas, and sharks on our final day at San Benedicto!

We did an early dive at El Cañon, and on our early morning dive we had non stop playing and singing from dolphins in search for schooling hammerheads!  The hammerheads were there but not in huge numbers, but there were some above us, some below, and some out in the blue! 
Our 2nd dive took place at El  Boiler, we had gorgeous blue water with a lot of white tip reef sharks, schooling big eye jacks, and more dolphins!  I was also very glad to see a dolphin I call Nemo because it has a short pectoral fin and unique tail! A chevron manta came in and hung out with us for the remainder of the dive.  This friendly giant took its time slowly oing from one diver to another, without skipping anyone! Our dive time was up, our divers were still playing with the friendly manta when we had to say goodbye!  
During our surface interval we saw a lot of action happening on the surface a ways from the boat, but it had all the signs of a bait ball so we thought we'd take a look! It turns out we spotted a big one!  Only 3 miles off the island, we found lots of yellow fin tunas, silky sharks, dolphins, and even one marlin!  The different critters seemed like they were taking turns to take a hit at the bait ball, first tunas, then sharks then dolphins! Bait balls are an adrenaline filled event that can't be explained it can only be experienced.  
We did a final dive at El Boiler to finish our day, with tons of colorful reef fish, and the friendly chevron manta from dive two stopped by to say goodbye to our divers! Water temp was 77F with 50' visibility.

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