Friday, June 14, 2013

Thanks for a great season from Claudio!

Hola amigos,
Today we were at Isla Socorro, and what a great trip it has been so far!  3 excellent days at Roca, and the trips not even over yet! We have had some great diving so far this trip, and an excellent season full of guests from all over the world! We've had fantastic adventures with giant mantas, playful dolphins, tons of sharks, and massive schools of fish that you have got to see first hand! I want to take the chance to thanks to all the wonderful guests I have had an opportunity to meet from many countries like: Germany, Canada, Rusia, Belgium, USA, Turkey, Italy, France, UK, China, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, of course Mexico and many others for coming on board SolmarV to take part in this fantastic adventure and I hope to see you back aboard the Solmar V soon! Also I'd like to thank our awesome crew: Gerardo, Jero, Aurelio, Pancho, Tony, Sabin, Crazy Luis, Dany, Eric, Ricardo, Dave and Adil for being so much fun to work with.  I'll see you all Isla Guadalupe for more!!! The Solmar V has got one more day at San Benedicto, and one more adventure to the revillagigedos still left before we end this season, we found whale sharks on this trip, who knows what we will find next time?!
Claudio Bonato

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  1. You're the best, Claudio! Thank you for letting all of us see what we came for :-)