Monday, June 10, 2013

Snappers, turtles, and sharks on our checkout dive at Las Cuevas! Now off to Roca!

Buenas Tardes from Isla San Benedicto,
It`s our first day of the trip with a mixed group of nationalities from all over the world!They are all here to see the best the Revillagigedos has to offer! Today the seas calmed and as we approached the island the water was glassy. We didn`t waste any time and had our first dive at Las Cuevas. The visibility was moderate at more than 40 ft. and the temp was warm at 75 degrees F.
My group was the first in the water and as we entered the first cave there were large snappers everywhere. The large amount of fish almost distracted us from a sleeping green turtle in the corner. Of course, we didn`t see it at first, but we obviously woke him up. He slowly swam through our group wagging his fins at us for rudely sneaking up on him. In the back of the cave a lone white tip reef shark rested and seemingly not bothered at all. On our way to the shallows we found another cave with four white tips resting. On closer examination there was yet another turtle resting in the cave right next to the sharks. They weren`t cuddling or anything, but it was still quite a good find. This turtle was also annoyed at the rude awakening and sleepily swam away. In the shallows we found two more turtles and many rays. A nice dive to start the trip. We`re looking forward to some even better diving tomorrow at Roca Partida!
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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