Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Visiting a famous cave at Socorro Island!

Hi there!
Our first day in Socorro Island begun with silkies swimming around the Solmar V and a beautiful sunrise that illuminated the colors of the cape of Cabo Pearce. This time the conditions in Cabo Pearce were limited, 40´/12 m visibility and a chilly thermocline of 69 F/19 C, that brought murky water full of plankton. Due to this conditions we changed the dive site for Roca O´Neal, here the conditions were still the same as in Cabo Pearce but visiting the famous cave of Roca O´Neal made the dive, because one can get great shots of the open dome that is in the cave.
After having a delicious club sandwich for lunch prepared by our awesome chef Tony, we moved the Solmar V one more time to the bay of Punta Tosca and what was our surprise that here is where the Mantas were, some were feeding close to shore and others were getting clean at the dive site. It looked like the Mantas are almost done with their feeding session. We expect that eventually all the Mantas will return to the cleaning stations and will enjoy the divers bubbles!
Tonight we´re heading back to San Benedicto to finish our trip # 20 of the season.
Don't leave and stay tuned for another adventure day with the Solmar V
Erick Higuera

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