Thursday, June 27, 2013

Third Day at Roca Partida and "love is in the water"!

Third Day at Roca Partida and the yellow fin tunas were still active, they kept passing close to the surface and among the divers, this gave us a number of great chances to approach them to just 6 ft/2 m, courting behavior was still on...
On our first dive we could finally find the massive school of bonitos, which was herded by silkies into a more compact bait ball. Besides the school of bonitos, we found Galapagos and silver tip sharks passing over and aver by the south point of the rock. Another group found about 40
hammerhead sharks schooling. In the second dive of the day the whole action was quiet, so we decided to hang out by the white tip reef sharks balcony, apparently “love is in the water”, the white tips were also trying to mate. We decided not to go deeper on the third dive and we hung out close to surface trying to get cool pictures of the beautiful tunas that cruised by the rock and just underneath the surface. 
We were hoping to run into the schooling silkies and whale sharks here at Roca... we weren’t that lucky this time, but this trip is not over yet!  Let's see what we find at Socorro or in San Benedicto. Meanwhile we’ll dive tomorrow at Cabo Pearce, so stay tuned and check if we find these gentle giants this time!
Hasta la vista!
Erick Higuera

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