Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our third and final day at the famous Roca Partida didn`t disappoint

Today was our third and final day at the famous Roca Partida. Our divers had a fantastic run here and our last day didn`t disappoint. Our first dive had very little current and a lot of sharks. Galapagos, Silvertips, and Silkies were everywhere. Out in the blue we spotted a nice school of
20 hammerheads mixing with 10 Silvertips. They were going in and out of a swirling mass of bonito. Back at the rock we found an even bigger mass of bonito pulsing with life at nearly 90 ft. Silkies and Silvertips were showing some interest as they swam around and through the bait. Towards the end of the dive we heard some chirping......DOLPHINS! At first there were two playful dolphins swimming with all three dive groups. They were allowing us to get pretty close. Then more showed up. In all we had 10 dolphins buzzing by and more of their friends joined in the fun. They followed us all the way through our safety stop.
Our second dive started a little slow. We found a nice spot where silvertips and galapagos sharks made a nice school of 20 and circled near the south point. After that school it was quiet...with lots of single sharks but nothing organized. Then a juvenile whale shark swam from the depths. With it came two Galapagos sharks underneath it rubbing. It curiously swam to the group and went back and forth along the wall a few times and swam to the other side of the rock. This is where another one of groups encounter the little guy (10ft long) and they were able to swim with it for quite some time. Our divers were ecstatic at yet another juvenile whale shark in the last three days.
Our final dive had a bit more current so we took it easy after battling the current for a few minutes. One of our groups found a Giant Pacific Manta and played with it for almost the entire time. Others didn`t get a glimpse of it until the end of the dive. Either way, it was a great sighting here at Roca. Our divers have been treated to some great dives here and we`re looking forward to some more at Socorro Island tomorrow.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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