Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today was the day for hammerheads at Cabo Pearce!

Today was the Day!  We dove Cabo Pearce all day doing a total of 3 dives. In the first 2 dives 
2 groups took the risk to swim all the way to end of the reef and sideways of a strong southern current and they knew that if we didn’t find the Hammerhead Sharks were not going to see anything else, so it was either taking the risk or staying at the Manta cleaning station and guarantee these majestic dancers.
This time the risk paid off, both groups saw an almost 100 hammerheads schooling that swam quite close to a 95’/28m pinnacle on the edge of the reef, of course the sharks were swimming away of our bubbles but because we didn’t chase them, they got used to us and gave us several amazing passes. 
The other group had fantastic encounters with  to 5 different Pacific Giant Mantas that as typical of Cabo Pearce always getting clean by Clarion Angelfishes. Tonight after a delicious BBQ on the bow, we will go back to San Benedicto and do our last dive day of this trip. Stay tuned and don’t miss the tomorrow news!
Hasta la vista!
Erick Higuera'

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