Sunday, December 8, 2013

A phenomenal day 2 at Roca

Once again Roca Partida does not dissapoint!
In 3 dives we did here we enjoyed a water temp of 79°F, vis average 80 Ft, about current just a bit at times, what was amazing the encounter we had with a 35ft female whale shark in two different dives, she was so friendly that let us swim alongside for a long time and so close that we could literally count every spot in her if only we had enough time. On every dive we saw her she came back several times to visit us.
We also had the opportunity to follow big schools of hammerheads on each dive.  They didn't seem concerned with our divers since they made a big loop and a close pass overhead. Galapagos, silver tips, silky, white tip sharks, they all were at the rock today! On top of all the sharks, Yellow fin tunas, bonitos, wahoo, and a world of fish also helped to make each dive unique lobster are getting really big here! 
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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