Monday, December 23, 2013

It was absolutely incredible at San Benedicto!

Buenas Tardes from San Benedicto! 
What a day!! It was absolutely incredible today. We started our day at El Canyon. Temperature remains warm at 78 degrees and visibility was lacking  at 30 ft. But none of that mattered when the dolphins showed up. There were twelve in total and buzzed around my group for the first five minutes of our dive. Then we spotted a few very large hammerheads in the distance.. Shortly after mantas appeared. A black manta and a chevron circled us again and again making us dizzy with their friendliness. We were with the two mantas for more than 30 minutes as they cruised over our heads and circled us. Our second dive was more quiet as one group took the interest of the mantas and they drifted with them the entire dive. We were left with the  hammerheads as we saw a group of ten big hammerheads. They only crossed our path once and unfortunately we did´t get another glimpse. 
Now our last two dives of the day were really special. We moved to the Boiler knowing we would have some mantas. For the rest of the day, we had mad manta action. On the last dives we had seven mantas in constant action in every direction. It was almost overwhelming as they approached very close and others would be coming from the opposite direction. We didn`t know where to look. It was hands down the most incredible manta experience we have had since I have been here... in more than 2 years. Thanks to the mantas we had a send off nobody will soon forget. Viva El Boiler!
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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