Friday, December 20, 2013

Another phenomenal Manta day!

Just when we thought we couldn't beat the manta interaction we had at San Benedicto! We had amazing manta dives! The cleaning station was packed with clarion fish cleaning mantas today! The entire time we were over the reef, giant mantas kept coming from all directions! The best part of it was they came to stay! The Chevron and Black mantas were very friendly, plus we noticed a lot of juvenile ones mantas!  The reef was covered with lots of juvenile creolefish, and we also found flounder, lobsters, octopus, scorpion fish, eels, rays, a few hammer head sharks here and there, some white tips in the area also! A tiger shark showed up to to be part of our experience here at this dive site too, that's the second one  we've spotted on this trip! Our 3 groups were diving different areas of the dive site at the same time all of us watching something!  During our surface interval we also had something to do, snorkeling with the mantas that did not want us to leave. 
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Daniel Zapata

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