Saturday, December 7, 2013

What an amazing day out here at Roca Partida!

Hi there Solmar Fans,
What an amazing day out here at Roca Partida! The weather was beautiful and we had some super diving. The visibility was great at 80 ft  and the water temp. was warm at 79 degrees F.
We will go to bed tonight with hammerheads swimming in our minds. On all dives we had very impressive hammerhead schools. There was a school of 60-70 individuals first found off the East side during the first dive. On the second dive my group had the hammerhead school swimming with us for more than 20 minutes. This school was a tight school swimming in unison
and unafraid of divers. They approached very close allowing divers to get some some killer pics. On the last dive the current switched, catching us by surprise. Erick`s group and my group were on the north side and found no more than a few silver tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, and one hammerhead.. So we made our way to the south point, into the current. We starting seeing more sharks....first just a few Galapagos sharks and one or two silver tips. Then we saw the shadows in the blue, the hammerheads were there. Our entire groups were there as the school of hammerheads approached us. This time the school was a bit smaller 20-30, but no less bold. They came straight to us and circled our groups. Whoa! They were there for a while, but something strange spooked them and they darted like scared bait fish. Oh was already amazing to see them so close and circling some 14 divers. Definitely a day we won`t soon forget. More to hope for tomorrow as we are spending another day here at Roca.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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