Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The dives all week have been amazing and today was no different.

Buenas Tardes,
Sadly, it was our final day of diving this awesome archipelago. The dives all week have been amazing and today was no different. We started the day at El Canyon where the visibility was terrific. It was easily more than 100 ft. The only problem was, not much current. So we searched for the big animals but had to settle for tiger morays, zebra morays, green morays, octopus, and tons of fish. We decided to do the rest of the day out at the Boiler since we have had a lot of luck there lately. As soon as we jumped in we had mantas! Three in total circled us for the entire dive. Visibility was in the low 50's, but the mantas were all we needed. Everyone got their manta fix and returned back to the Solmar V with smiles. The mantas must have tired themsleves out because they didn`t show up for our last dive. It didn`t matter because the boiler is something to see in itself. The dive site looks like some Indiana Jones relic that rises from some 150ft. Every nook and cranny has life with lobsters, eels and octopus everywhere. Fish abound and there is always something to look at. So our divers were satisfied and ready to end an epic trip. We are Cabo bound! 
Until Next Time, 
Dave Valencia

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