Monday, December 2, 2013

Mantas at the boiler and looking for bait balls on our last day at San Benedicto!

Last day of the trip was very good, we begun at the boiler were we had two mantas, one black and one chevron during our entire dive. The second dive was the just as good as the first, and we also spotted a big hammerhead. Later we decided to go a few miles off the coast of San Benedicto Island to look for baitballs... and we found a small one with bonito! Later we tried a 2nd time and found one with spinner dolphins it was over in a flash! So we went back to the coast for the last dive, to a secret dive spot, where we found lots of fish and two mantas passing by to say "until next the one guys"
Claudio Bonato
Dive Instructor.

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