Friday, December 6, 2013

Today was a Manta madness Day!

What a way to start our first day of the trip, it has been a long time that we hadn’t seen so many Mantas at El Boiler, the place was boiling with mantas! 
We did 4 dives and each one was full of fantastic Mantas that kept swimming back and forth over our heads exploiting our bubbles. The whole time all of our divers were positioned around of one of the cleaning station in this dive site and the gentle and friendly Mantas were just parading back and forth without stopping. Divers finished their dives and came back to the boat just to get their tanks topped off and jumped right back into the water like at the pits in the race cars and just to keep the Mantas busy and being part the amazing folklore. At the end of day we counted about 10 different Mantas.
After a great day with warm water of 79F/26C and 50’/15m of visibility, we head towards Roca Partida, so, stayed tuned for more adventures on board Solmar V at the Revillagigedo’s Islands.
Erick Higuera

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