Thursday, February 27, 2014

We were welcomed by jumping dolphins at San Benedicto!

We left port with small swell, cool breeze and cloudy sky yesterday evening, but as soon as we woke up this morning the sun was shinning, the warm breeze and the blue sky indicated that we were going to have an excellent day!. As soon as we saw San Benedicto island on the horizon a bottled nose dolphin jumped just a few feet from the bow of the boat as a welcome!
Everybody started smiling as the knew the first dive of the trip was coming! Once we anchored near "El Canon", we had very good weather, small waves and a little nice breeze at the surface, perfect conditions for our check out dive!
We entered the water, that was about 25C/77F at the surface, quick buoyancy check and down we went using the descent line, 24C/75F at the bottom, about 120' visibility with a very light current coming from the east. Just a couple of minutes into the dive and the first Chevron manta ray of the trip showed up right on top of the group! Another very nice welcome to the Revillagigedo archipelago, after those few seconds of excitement we swam to the eastern corner of "The Canyon" where we found 5 white tip reef sharks swimming around, panamic green moray eels, and even a couple of frog fish that DM Daniel spotted! Then we decided to turn around and head back to the ascent line and see if we could spot that manta ray, so we swam around a little pinnacle and as we where heading back to the edge of "The Canyon" and found a school of 11 hammerhead sharks came out of the blue at about 50ft./15mts., they swam just above of the group for a few seconds and then headed back in to the blue! Everybody was so excited and just before we took the light current to head back to the ascent line another hammerhead came closer to us!
Once at the ascent line we did our safety stop, while another white tip reef shark swam very close to the bottom, and just before we got out of the water a silky shark appeared slowly cruising at about 30ft./10mts, not bad for a check out dive!!!
Now our divers can not wait for the first full day of diving tomorrow!

Dive master on-board Solmar V

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