Monday, April 21, 2014

A beautiful 2nd day of diving at Roca Partida!

We did three dives with top notch conditions for Day 2 at Roca! The water temperature was 77F with visibility over 50' along with a very mild current from the north. This gave everyone the opportunity to stay near the rock and get close to Galapagos, silkies, and silver tip sharks! The rock was full of colorful fishes and also schools of smaller tunas, wahoo, and some big yellow fin tunas chasing the smaller fish! Because the dive conditions were so good, we had a chance to stay over 50 minutes next to the rock waiting for the sharks to show up! On the southern side of the rock, a school of hammerheads were swimming at 70' of water, one of our guests can counter really fast, and he counted 68 hammerheads! Thanks to the conditions, we had the option to stay close to the rock for those who don't like to kick when they are swimming, or for those who like to take pictures of the fishes, there was the option to swim out into the blue and look for sharks! As always Roca gave us a beautiful day of diving with the plus that we didn't have to deal with the stronger current we had yesterday! Now we are celebrating a birthday, we're going to have a mexican style party with tequila and a nice dinner!

Pablo DM On board SolmarV

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