Friday, April 11, 2014

The underwater conditions in Socorro Island has not changed yet, still a stationary murky water full of plankton that keeps a visibility lower than usual around 30’/10m at most of the dive sites, however, in the first dive at Punt Tosca while 2 groups of divers found a friendly Manta that spent the last 15 min of the dive showing off with them, another group had a brief encounter with a Tiger Shark that came out of the blue to check and did a fast pass right in front of the divers. We also found the hundreds of Parrot Fish that are normally grazing on sea algae that covers the reef.  We all expected to find the typical large pod of Dolphins and maybe some Whales cruising by that we’ve had the last 3 weeks, however, the wilderness luck was not in our side this time, anyway, nothing is guarantee with mother nature.
We moved to the Navy base after the first dive to check in and after lunch we did the last 2 dives of the day at Cabo Pearce. We pretty much spent both dives checking the Flounders, Morays and Octopi that inhabit the crest of the cleaning station in Cabo Pearce.  Although the diving conditions were not ideal, the whale watching panga tours were amazing, several close encounters from the pangas and some of our guests had good successful attempts snorkeling with this leviathans.
Tonight we’ll head back to San Benedicto for our last dive day of the trip, looking forward to bubble massaging friendly Mantas at El Boiler.
Don’t miss the next adventures with the folks of the Solmar V, stayed tuned!
Erick Higuera

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