Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The smooth crossing from Roca Partida to Socorro let us re-charge our batteries and get ready for an exciting day of diving!

The smooth crossing from Roca Partida to the biggest island of the archipelago let us re-charge our batteries. That along with the delicious breakfast our chef prepares every morning of course! At 7.30am the dive deck was ready to rock, especially because we had some old Chuck Berry record playing on the speakers for the divers to stretch out and get ready. Conditions underwater were good, water was warm, about 77F, and the current was very easy to deal with. Visibility could have been better, but some spots were over 60' visibility, depending on the side of the area. The first site was Punta Tosca, we were expecting to find some early dolphins, and lately the mantas have been seen over the cleaning stations in the area. Unfortunately they were not there this time, nor were the dolphins, although the reef looked ready to welcome them, all the cleaning clarion angelfish had no job to do this morning. For the second dive split into two groups, upon request of those who wanted to try their luck with the humpback whales that are still in the islands, a snorkeling group for some and the rest of our guests decided to continue diving! For the divers, they found some galapagos sharks, and on this dive one of the local mantas showed up, the diving group was excited to see a manta they were hoping for in the morning.  The snorkelers were even happier, thanks in part to our experienced panga driver Luis, we had 3 opportunities to swim with these amazing animals, each time it was a pair of humpbacks, a mother and her calf! Although the encounters were brief, everybody agreed they were very satisfied. We also swam with a big green turtle and some small silky and silvertip sharks! After checking in with the Mexican Navy at their base in the island, we dove at Cabo Pierce, were the water was warm, up to 80F, and the visibility was still lower than usual. None the less, we enjoyed the colorful reef, full of octopuses, flounders, stonefishes, eels, a couple of turtles and 3 BIG hammerhead sharks. Now we are headed to San Benedicto for our last day of diving, sea is flat, and the wind in the tail, so we're expecting a smooth crossing! good night everybody.
Divemaster on board SOLMAR V

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