Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 2 at Roca, improved conditions, whale shark, humpbacks, and more!

Today was our second day at Roca Partida, and the dive conditions improved considerably!  The visibility was over 80', and the water temperature was 77F with no current!  We jumped in on the north side of the rock where a whale shark was waiting for us in shallow water!  We spent some time swimming with him before he descended beyond our recreational dive limit.  Some of the divers stayed at the northern point of the rock hoping to see more of the whale shark, while another group headed south looking for big schools of fish!  When we got back to the northern point of the rock, six Galapagos sharks were waiting for us! 
For the second dive we saw five or six good sized tuna fishes and one big one on the west side of the wall, right by where the white tip sharks were all piled up together.  The Galapagos sharks were on the south corner along with a school of anchovies where the tunas were hunting.  On our last dive of the day after lunch, we jumped in the north west side of the rock, but the current had picked up so we had to kick a bit to stay where all the action was.  After we drifted with the current to the southern point where our panga driver picked us up!  On the way back to the Solmar V, our panga driver saw a humpback whale and our guests had the opportunity to snorkel with the humpback and her calf!  For some people it was the first time they have ever seen a whale shark, for others it was their first time snorkeling with a way, all and all it was a good day filled with firsts for many aboard the Solmar V!

Pablo DM


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  1. Hey guys! Excited for the guests this week, sounds fantastic, what a difference a week makes!
    Take care