Friday, April 18, 2014

Silky, Galapagos, and baby white tips on our checkout dive at San Benedicto!

We arrived after a 24 hour crossing at San Benedicto just in time to do our checkout dive! The checkout dive gives our divers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the environment, check their weight and buoyancy, and fine tune their gear so the rest of the trip can be spent focused on the variety of life that the Revillagigedos has to offer! We did our dive at “El Fondeadero” where the water was a warm 77F with 40' visibility in the late afternoon. On our checkout dive we spotted some white tip sharks swimming around along with three baby white tips hidding amongst the reef, tucked inside a little cave. Close to the surface we spotted seven silky sharks along with a smaller Galapagos shark that came close to welcome us to the Archipelago de Revillagigedo! Tomorrow morning we start the adventure at 8 o'clock with a goal of doing four dives!

Pablo DM on board Solmar V

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