Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The day started off great, and only got better!

Our morning started very good, it was 6:30, 15 to 20 silky sharks swimming around the boat chasing flying fish, mama humpback with calf and 7 dolphins just resting that kept coming closer to the point we had them only a few feet away from the stern with a beautiful sunrise frame! We made 3 dives here, we all had the opportunity to enjoy the same family of dolphins at different times and in different areas of the dive site! The dolphins seemed to be resting on the surface, but when they saw us underwater their behavior changed, they became much more active just like sea lions! They were chasing their tails, doing flips, biting each other, when they needed to get some air, they would head to the surface and come right back to our depth and continue to play their dolphin games with us! A black giant manta came into the same area and did not like all the action and soon headed in another direction. The water temp was very warm, some of our clients were diving in a short wet suit! 81˚F/26˚C during the whole day, we enjoyed the company of 6 friendly mantas throughout the day, and they were very friendly! The 100'+ visibility played a very important role here in order to see clearly those mantas and way beyond them into the blue, the current also was not strong, at times we went to the end of the reef to play with mantas and come back to the cleaning stations, where we found more dolphins and mantas hanging out at the same time! There was something to see in every direction, we didn't know where to look! The safety stops were incredible, mildly drifting with mantas, other times we did our safety stop over the cleaning station, watching the mantas get cleaned by the Clarion angelfish, our guests got lots of photos today, some of which have a shot at winning our infamous Solmar V photo contest! The reef itself was packed with octos, flounders, some zebra eels, scorpion fish, balloon fish, and more! Out of the water we still had a little bit of wind, but it was sunny and we enjoyed the panga rides along the wall of the island where you can take pictures of frozen bubbles of lava, arches and do a bit of bird identification! Dive Inst Daniel Zapata.


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