Saturday, April 12, 2014

We could not have had a better end to this trip!

We could not have had a better end to this trip! The crossing from Socorro Island to San Benedicto was smooth so everyone had a pleasant rest over night. As soon as the sun emerged over the northern corner of the island, the light showed us a joyful pod of dolphins heading our way! The stern line was soon ready for our divers to drop in right at the middle step of the pinnacle that is "El Boiler." The water was nice and warm, 77F, 25C the water was blue and withotu current. We hurried down the descent line, to make sure to get the dolphins could enjoy swimming with us, thats why they came after all! Over on the western side of the pinnacle they seemed shy at first, coming in and out of the blue. The dolphins might have been a bit shy, but the mantas weren't! Soon we had a chevron manta hovering over our bubbles. We had just started checking out the beautiful coral, the lobsters, octopus, and eelse swimming everywhere, a silhouette that was too big for a manta started to clear off within the blue, a 15' long whaleshark cruised right between our astonished divers! The dolphins then came in to stay, and we could not really decide where to swim, 8 dolphins o the right, a big black manta to the left, and above all the gentle giant closing the picture! At times, the dolphins escorted the shark like a presidential limousine with secret service, truly amazing! We didn't want this hour long dive to end, but eventually we had to make a slow safe ascent along our ascent line. The second dive didn't disappoint anyone, more mantas came to enjoy our bubbles, up to 4 black and chevron mantas decided to stick around for the rest of the day, making pass after pass, coming closer and closer, posing for countless pictures and videos. On our 3rd and 4th dives we ventured out into the blue in search of some sharks, and just a few minutes of swimming took us to a school of about 15 hammerheads shark and a few big galapagos sharks! Oh, and don't forget the tunas cruising at top speed with some random wahoos here and there. Everybody celebrated the 5 star final day of the trip on the sun deck with a bucket full of ice-cold beer and some delicious snacks courtesy of our awesome chef tony! See you next week at the Revillagigedos Islands! Adrian Divemaster Board SOLMAR V.

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