Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hammerheads, silkys, mantas, and humpback whale song underwater, with active humpbacks at the surface!

Today was our first full dive day of this trip with a bunch of new friends was great at El Cañón! We started the day very active Humpback Whales that gave us good topside show, pec slapping and a few breaches. Getting down into the liquid realm and the dolphins were already chasing some big eye jacks at the cleaning station! A few hammerheads were also here, and out of the blue a chevron manta welcomed us right before we finished the dive!
On the second and third dive, two mantas waited patiently for a long session of bubble massages! These two friendly mantas spent pretty much the entirety of both dives with us. While some divers were pleased with these majestic animals, others looked for hammerheads schooling in the blue, and found a few good sized sharks.
By the fourth dive the conditions had changed a bit, and an eastern current had picked up, bringing some murky water, but along with it more hammerheads came out of the shadows to check us out! The mantas didn't show up this time, but 3 silky sharks hung out underneath the boat doing constant close passes by our divers!
All dives were accompanied by the repetitive sequences of the humpback whale song that is used only by the males for attracting mates! The wind has calmed down and the weather is ideal to sail, so after winner we'll pull anchor and depart to Roca Partida! Stayed tuned for the next adventure with the Solmar V folks! Hasta la próxima! Erick Higuera

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