Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A bit of wind on our first day at San Benedicto!

The conditions in our first day at San Benedicto weren’t perfect. A north wind had begun blowing 2nd to last day of our previous trip, and it's still blowing!  This is causing the sandy beaches of San Benedicto to be washed out and thethe day before last from our last trip, it’s still blowing, therefore the sandy beaches of San Benedicto have been washed out and all that murky water is drifting offshore passing by the dive sites making a limited visibility pretty much in all the south side of the island. In the first dive wesaw 3 Silvertip Sharks that chased some baitfish, and of course the resident school of Bigeye Jacks; the water temperature is warming up, at 77 F/25 C.  We went up to 3 Hermanos for our second dive, luckily 2 friendly Mantas awaited for us keen to get a bubble massage!  Then we decided to  move to El Boiler to dive there at least off the pangas. It was definitely windy and a bit choppy, however we had 2 good dives at El Boiler. The water conditions were similar to that of El Cañón and the visibility was much better there than at the southern end of the island. On the first dive at El Boiler we saw lots of Cottonmouth Jacks that gathered together close to the pinnacle, we also spotted several white tip reef Sharks that patrolled the base of the rock, we didn’t see any Mantas on our first dive at El Boiler, but by the second dive, a Chevron Manta that was been cleaned by the Clarion Angelfishes, as soon as she felt us in the water, approached to us to get tickle by our bubbles over and over without stopping. The weather is still pretty rough and windy, so, we’re going to wait another day, we're hoping that Mother Nature settles down and provides us with the conditions for a safe passage to Roca Partida. Tonight we’re moving to Socorro Island. Stayed tuned and don’t miss the next Solmar V adventures! 
Erick Higuera

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