Saturday, May 9, 2015

A checkout dive that exceeded expectations!

Hi All! May 8, 2015 
A day and dive that exceeded expectations!
A windy morning made us rush to get underwater, we know its warmer and peaceful down there with no current! On the surface air temp 25˚C/78˚F, partially cloudy.
We're done with the dive briefing! Go first group go! While doing buoyancy check divers were screaming "Mantas! Mantas below our fins!" So everybody still out of the water got excited, not even touching water yet but we can tell by their facial expressions they are motivated by mantas! Once the 3 groups of divers were underwater we spread out in different directions. We were all having fun with mantas, don’t forget it is only the checkout dive! On the north side the chirping of dolphins got our attention, every time it was getting louder and louder, so we know they are getting closer, then they found us! 6 adult dolphins approached us swimming slowly, we don’t see them move tail or fins and they keep coming straight at us with a smiling face, contagious by the way! Of course more playful mantas surrounded us, a dark shadow comes closer and closer in shallow water by the Solmar V, we go at it! It turns to be a massive school of stripe bonitos swimming in an elliptical shape, with mantas below it, big eye jacks and dolphins, all of it in 24m/80ft vis! The white tip sharks were resting, moving their tails like wipers in the surge, after time of silence the chirping comes back! This time with it a group of 11 dolphins, then 5, then 6, then 2, all adopting vertical position inviting us to approach more and more each time, we are still on our checkout dive remember! Mimicking dolphin swim makes them happy and they stay longer with us! Also dolphin mimic to be a diver swimming just below a black manta for a bit of time which was amazing to see!  Guess what! We did our safety stop with dolphins and mantas.
During the following 2, 3 and 4th dives no more dolphins, instead the manta fun was a big time! Even 8 at the same time in the same area! Everywhere we put our eyes a manta was there! The no current during 2nd and 3rd made those more enjoyable to many divers, the 4th dive a bit of current from North made us drift away from the rock after the manta festival, so El Boiler made our day of diving unforgettable and breathtaking! 

Dive Inst 
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V.

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