Friday, May 29, 2015

It was an explosion of sea life at Roca Partida!

May 27, 2015
Today we’ve had a lot of fun diving at the Roca Partida! While the crew was preparing the gear in the zodiacs, it was a perfect time have a coffee and breakfast to prepare our divers waiting for the first dive of the day! The sea has a surge and moderate to strong current at the corners of the Island. That’s why we dove the eastern side at first. At the 46ft. there are a couple of ledges where the white tip sharks like to rest. This time there was plenty of them, even the baby white tips were there!  We headed north and right in front of us we found bottlenose dolphins, one of them was waiting for us in vertical position, and a mother passed by with a little baby dolphin very close to her and slowly they disappear in the blue. The current was strong from the north then we decided to return to the eastern side where a silky shark was circling from the rock to the blue and moving to the sides, approaching to us and then moving fast again. The water temperature was very nice 77ºF/26ºC perfect for a  5 mm wetsuit and the visibility ranged from 60ft/18m to 70ft/21m. Once at the southern point the first schools of trevally jacks and amberjacks showed up mixed with lots of pacific triggerfish, pacific creole fish, trumpet fish and at depth a big school of bonito was around! For the second dive we entered at the north side of the rock. On the way down a huge yellow fin tuna was close to the surface, and we had more pelagics like wahoos!  The current wasn’t so strong then we enjoyed more time at the northern point with big schools of cottonmouth jacks, trevally jacks, bigeye jacks along with a silky shark that was patrolling this area the whole time. Little by little we headed to the southeast and we found more action this time! It was nice to see the amberjacks from the 30 ft. /9 m to the surface almost, mixed with trevally and cottonmouth jacks. The visibility was even better, very clear with all those fish looked like they were floating in the air. We turned the southern tip to the west side; where we were able to appreciate the vertical wall with plenty of hard coral and urchins. It was possible to hear the sound that the coral does with the movement of the water. This side was very relaxing, clear water, no current and lots of Pacific creole fish, and a couple of wahoos mixed with yellowtails. To finish our second dive we opened from the rock at the south and we made our last try in the blue with very good results. At depth and at the limit of the visibility we found a huge school of Hammerheads. We were going to complete our safety stop when we saw 1 Hammerhead very clear and the movement of a huge school, maybe hundreds of them.  They’ve been at 100 ft. /30 m and we see them from the 20 ft. at the limit of the visibility but we could appreciate the school in the clear water. We completed our safety stop and we surfaced planning another encounter with these majestic animals. That’s why we planned to start at southern point for the last dive of the day. So we went down into the blue and immediately found a big hammerhead shark going deep, we followed it straight thinking it would lead us to see the full school, we didn’t find them this time, but was a fabulous encounter none the less.  Little by little we reached the southern tip of Roca Partida, and we still had lot of action there.  The magnificent schools of fish around Roca Partida make us feel the wilderness of the Revillagigedo Archpielago. It was an explosion of sea life, cottonmouth jacks, amberjacks, trevally jacks,   Pacific creole fish and another two Silky Sharks that were interested in a couple of yellowtail!  Too many emotions for only one day of diving!! Tomorrow we have a second day of diving in Roca Partida and we can say that we are very lucky to enjoy of this unique first class diving around the World!!
Ignacio H. Leyro
Scuba Instructor 
Solmar V

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