Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Today was the last day of this trip and wow, what a day!!

May 12, 2015
Today was the last day of this trip and wow!! What a day! We started our firs dive at El Cañon, the visibility was not the best this time around 30ft/10m and the temperature 77F/25C. This first dive was a bit slow but we did see one hammerhead shark close to the surface at the beginning and one by the reef at the end. After that we moved to El boiler and once again it gave us a great show, I think if we had to vote for the best dive site for this season El Boiler would win for sure.
On our first dive here as soon as we got in the water we saw some bottlenose dolphins and they stayed around the whole dive there seemed to be two different groups of them probably around 16 of them in total. This time the dolphins were showing all sorts of behaviors like standing vertical in front or divers and falling into the deep, going in circles around divers, throwing bubbles, couples swimming side to side rubbing their fins, even chasing mantas and teasing them by biting the tip of their tails. It was just an awesome dive and beside the dolphins there were at least six different mantas around the dive site.
The next dive we had many mantas probably eight different ones with lots of interaction and almost all of them enjoying the divers bubbles. The highlight of the day was the last dive, as we are in the pangas getting ready to jump in the water our panga drivers yell whale shark! And yes there it was right on top of the dive site. As we are on the dive swimming next to the whale shark we realize that all the mantas are following us and it seemed that they wanted our bubbles and were wondering why we were getting further away from the pinnacle. But we were lucky and the whale shark swam back to the pinnacle and we had plenty of time with the whale shark and the mantas at one time three mantas and the whale shark in the same frame, Just a great way to end the trip.
Now we head back to Cabo but we will be leaving for another trip in a couple of days so keep tuned.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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