Saturday, May 2, 2015

Today was our last day of this trip and the end was as good as it gets!

Today was our last day of this trip and the end was as good as it gets! We finished with four dives in San Benedicto Island at El Boiler and once again as it has done the whole season it left everybody speechless. The water temperature was 24C/74F and visibility around 80ft/24m.
The first dive was a bit slow still there were two mantas and six dolphins passed by but neither of them were very playful this time, maybe it was a bit early for them... By the second dive it seemed that the marine life had woken up there were lots of mantas and lots of interaction and the dolphins passed by again, they didn’t interact much with the group except with two divers that had drifted away photographing a manta that had a ten minute dolphin show!
On the third dive there were lots of mantas maybe eight or more and loads of interaction and at one point the dolphins came back but this time they were in the middle of the mantas and it was a manta and dolphin show bit time! On the last dive the mantas were still around just under the boat an amazing way to end the trip!
Now we are heading back to Cabo and will stay on the dock for a couple of days before we go back to the islands. Keep tuned for our video trip report and the news from our next trip.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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