Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mantas, Hammerheads, dolphins and more at San Benedicto!

May 26, 2015
We had a crisp clear morning with a bright orange sunrise over San Benedicto Island.  Imagine a ridge of a mountain, the top covered with fog but everything else below was very clear!  That's what happened this morning, below the surface of the water at  12m/40ft deep, everything else below that very clear, the rocks, fish, mantas, lobsters, eels, etc.
We started to descend into a current from East having the aid of a line, at the end of it, we already had 3 Mantas making circles around the rope so we complemented the game making bubbles extending the time they spent with us, at times they went into the fog, no more mantas! Then they returned to us coming out that fog, appearing like shadows first, then and slowly making themselves visible, to place their bellies on the stream of bubbles, as we moved on to the dive Hammer Heads started to show up here and there! Some of them super big in size! Dolphins were around! Keep your eyes open! Fish felt the current! Usually they are in mid water, this morning all the Big Eye Jacks were near the bottom, in deeper water we see how green it is, that up welling will catch up at some point! 

During the surface interval, dolphins were playful to the point that some divers got in the water to snorkel with them! The volcano in front of us is really offering shelter, giving us a break from wind and big swells. 
On the second dive we really experienced the up welling slowly coming up, it hit us at a depth of 24m/80 ft of water while we were enjoying the swim of a black manta, then a second manta, green water below our fins blue above our heads made us come up a bit, ahhhh!!! It felt nice! We played the game "I don’t see you" with mantas 4.5m/14ft long because we wanted to find Hammer Heads! They kept cutting us off, stopping in front of us making sure we look them in the eye, then continuing to swim circles around us! 
On the third dive the mantas finally went away, just for a little bit of time to let us find Hammer Heads, which we did, they were spread out though. In the end we found about 25 together, then mantas came back to complete our dive! 25˚C/77˚F Water temp was the warmest, 22.2˚C/72˚F the thermocline!
The last dive today current increased a lot from the East side, which made us go to the bottom and hold on to rocks, we waited there and watched as lots of fish were going crazy over our heads in all directions! On the other side of the area a big number of Big Eye Jacks hanging in there as a pack of fish, all together! So we ended up making a nice drift dive playing in the current, gliding following every single thing came across our way, FUN! We felt secure at all times having Jeronimo and Luis our Zodiac captains being there on time to pick us up, vis was as low as 7m to good 18m/20ft to even 60ft, in the end everything was there to seen today, all our guests are HAPPY!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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