Monday, May 11, 2015

Good conditions and lots of action on our first day at Roca!

May 10, 2015
Hola amigos!
Yesterday after checking the weather forecast for the next few days we saw that we had a couple of windy days ahead of us, but we still decided to navigate to Roca Partida and take our chances and it ended up being a great decision! We got to Roca Partida after a bumpy crossing and saw that we had the rock all to ourselves, 8am we were ready to go in the water, quick panga ride, back roll into the water and descended to see what the rock had prepared for us today!
The conditions were quite good, water temperature of 77F/25C and visibility of about 80ft/24m, on our first dive we went in on the east side and first thing we heard as we went into the water was dolphins! So we headed north and there they were, a pod of about 25 to 30 very curious and playful bottle nose dolphins, came to check us out and decided to stay and play, they were going up and down, swimming around us, posing for the cameras, swimming right next to the divers and on the background schools of bonitos and yellow fin tunas made their appearance, being chased by silver tip and silky sharks, while some big Galapagos sharks circled the north point of the rock at about 60ft/18m. The dolphin show kept going for the entire dive, 45 minutes non-stop!
Second dive the current was hitting the north west corner of the rock so that's where we started our dive, went down in between thousands of jacks, creole and trigger fish and we waited there and yellow fin tunas started making their appearance, coming from the deep waters in between us and shooting straight  to the surface and one of them actually caught a creole fish right in front of us! The sound of the bite was so loud that some of us thought that somebody was using a tank banger! Right after that a school of smaller tunas swam by being chased by silky sharks, then we headed south swimming away from the rock looking for schooling hammerheads but not much luck until we were on the south end here we found two of them that actually came from the deep swimming straight at us! And after we came up we went to pay a visit to the ledges where several white tip reef sharks where laying down resting and saving energy for the hunt at night!
On our last dive we checked out the north end of the rock and there we found a lot of jacks, big eye trevallies pairing for mating and also a huge school of black jacks that came from the deep waters right behind three silver tip sharks that headed west after circling in front of us a few times! To finish our dive we went to the east face of the rock where we went to check out the ledges full of white tip reef sharks piling on top of each other, with some green morays and huge lobsters sharing the small crevices on the rocks next to the sharks.
As the day went by the weather got better so we are spending the night here and diving Roca tomorrow again!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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