Friday, May 1, 2015

The diving conditions at Socorro were not as they were last week.

Hi there!
This time the diving conditions at Socorro were not as they were last week. The visibility had dropped a bit, basically down to 30’/10m and also a thermocline of about 24C/75F. All of this is because there was a quite strong current that had brought an upwelling to Cabo Pearce. Normally an upwelling comes in together with cold waters that are fool of nutrients and also green water.  Well, it is not a bad thing; one of the reasons why this underwater ridge is so attractive to the Mantas is due to these constant upwellings.  However we could only see two Mantas that got cleaned together at one of the several cleaning stations at 130/40m, it was definitely kind of deep to be able to stay long time with them.
The dolphins showed up when we were been picked up already by the pangas. Well, hopefully we ‘ll get to see them tomorrow morning at El Boiler.
We did a third and last dive of today at Punta Tosca; basically the water conditions were the same as in Cabo Pearce, we saw several baby Galapagos Sharks though that patrolled the shallow parts of Tosca.Tonight after the inspection at the Mexican Navy Base, we’ll move back to San Benedicto planning to start dicing at El Boiler.
Thanks for tuning in, don’t leave and stayed tuned for tomorrow’s Solmar V dive news.
Nos vemos en la proxima!
Erick Higuera

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