Sunday, May 31, 2015

Socorro Island is so far away from civilization, perfect for diving!

May 29, 2015
Thick low clouds were covering the top areas of the island, the sunlight was peeking through, it reminds us how remote of a location Socorro Island is, so far away from civilization, perfect for diving!
With lower light conditions, we descended to see what amazing things Cabo Pearce had waiting for us this morning.  There was no current at all, making for an easy descent and there were lots of fish covering the shallow area of the reef around 12m/40ft of water.  Despite the low light, a chevron manta was waiting to say good morning to our divers, slowly approaching us, taking time to feel secure she swam straight at us, sort of pointing at us with the tip of her wing.  She was cruising slowly away before making a turn right in front of everybody and proceeding to swim right through the middle of all of our divers!  We could see how white her underbody is with gray spots, and this is only ten minutes into the first dive!  Other very welcomed visitors started announcing their arrival via constant chirping before we could see them!  6 dolphins made themselves visible to all divers keeping us in the middle and swimming as slowly as we are, we mimicked the dolphin swim which we think they like, since they tend to get excited and were swimming fast up and down, all around us!  Then just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared into the blue.  A friendly second manta made its appearance swimming above all our heads, enjoying a bubble bath from our regulators, when we found more dolphins!  The count was between 16 and 20 individuals this time.  They divided our groups of divers into two groups, one group swimming circles around our divers, the other group swimming along side them, it was so much fun! 
Our surface interval was cloudy with an air temp of 25˚C/75˚F, a bit of rain made our nose detect the smell of wet soil in the air!
The day went by with 3 more dives with shifting currents, at times it made the diver very interesting, taking us along the reef for a drift dive. No kicking was needed, we just floated with the current with mantas over our heads, we enjoyed taking in the surroundings with all the reef fish, white tips, and at the end we found 3 hammerheads swimming in shallow water at a depth of 30' with a curious silky shark swimming circles right below our fins!   
These dives brought more friendly mantas, we spent some time along the wall looking at all the lobsters, watching the clarion angel fish feed on the wall while waiting for more mantas.  During the moments without current, we could spend time on the shallow area of the reef,  taking in all of the colorful fish big and small, until until the moment when a yellowfin tuna showed up! All fish are terrified by the tuna, retracting immediately and seeking shelter amongst the reef. In the end everyone was happy for such a great diving experiences with these giant mantas, dolphins, sharks here in Cabo Pearce, visibility was ranging from 9 to 18m/30 to 60ft because of the upwelling. 
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Daniel Zapata

Solmar V.

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