Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lots of excitement at El Cañon on our checkout dive!

Hello everybody,
Wind in the tail, calm seas and not one cloud in the sky, those were the conditions we had for crossing from Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto Island! Nice and easy, we made it to the south side of the island for our check out dive. Once we were anchored, we dove down straight from the swimming platform of the Solmar V into El Cañon by means of the stern line. Visibility was around 50ft/15m and the temperature of the water was nice at 77F/25C, east current hitting the reef consistently. Once at the bottom, lots of big white tip reef sharks everywhere seemed excited by the current, big eyes trevally schooling to the right, inner side of the reef and a beautiful group of fully grown hammerhead sharks seemed bolder than ever as they came real close to the divers. For the rest of the dive time two Pacific Giant Mantas, one Black and one Chevron welcomed the divers one by one. Among the rest of the underwater inhabitants of El Cañon, lots of eels, lobsters, sting rays and other reef fishes will surely try again tomorrow to get some divers' attention as today the big guys drew everyone's eyes, including mine!
Adrian Belinchon
Divemaster Solmar V

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