Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A great day of diving at El Boiler!

Hi everybody!
We are now heading towards Roca Partida after spending a great day of diving in “El Boiler” at San Benedicto Island, sharing space with the giant mantas and playful dolphins as usual! The people couldn´t be happier at this point of the trip and they are hoping to see more!
We started the day with great conditions to spend the day under water. A Weak swell contrasting the weather report which allowed us to do the dives using the anchor line from the stern of the Solmar V. As the divers started going down, the current picked up a little bit so everybody made sure to hold the line while descending as planned, once at the lower part of “El Boiler” the visibility was about 50 feet/15 mts with the water temperature at 78 F/25 C. The current kept flowing from the south, so we stayed must of the time protected by the pinnacle.
In the first dive we had the chance to swim between dolphins, including 2 calf protected by the group, apparently they were showing them how to hunt! This was very exciting to see, especially how the mothers get so involved in their learning. They kept coming from the surface towards the divers and sometimes even sneaking to appear right in the middle of our group without notice them, in just a blink they were there.
The mantas always make their appearance at this spot. For this day we could see more than 8, between chevron and black mantas the divers use their air to have the best shots they could. For the last dive two silver tip sharks appeared from the blue and started to swim close to us, while 3 tunas were surrounding the Boiler hunting, these guys are really big!, looked that they found the perfect place to feed.
The visibility at the last dive wasn't the best but the mantas made it the best of the day, when they started to swim towards the divers seeking the closest bubbles available, seem that this interaction is part of their routine now, they actually get to recognize the divers that blow more bubbles to them, it’s incredible! Definitely this is the best experience here in San Benedicto.
We are hoping to find good conditions to dive Roca Partida tomorrow, let’s wait to  see some whales.
Rodrigo Marroquin, 
Dive Instructor.

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