Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mantas were a non-stop joy at San Benedicto!

--Jan 26, 2016
Hi All!
It is taking a bit longer every day for the sunrise to happen in a bit colder morning. The idea of seeing dolphins made drop in the water early, the first ones welcomed us once again to the underwater world where Pacific creole-fish are in a constant plankton-feeding process. The descent line continued taking us to 60ft/18m, every morning for what we have seen Bi color parrot fish like to gather in this specific area to spawn, a few solitary and so curious, unafraid to us divers Guinea Foul Puffer Fish find funny to see themselves in the reflection of our mask, as we look towards the surface, away from the wall on West side shallow water jacks are well organised swimming a constant circle, in the distance the chirp of a dolphin kept us awake meantime a quick flyby of a manta was happening, the South West area gained our attention due the amount of fish, obviously we had to check it out, Black jacks were there, cotton mouth jacks, Yellow fin Surgeon fish, traveling slowly a small loose group of  RainBou Runner showed up as well, but then, finally dolphins made themselves visible to us, curious as always coming up to us so close making full swim circles around us, swimming along with them we got to the East side of El Boiler where can probably use the expression —a manta was awaiting on us to blow bubbles—, water temp remained the same during the entire dive 75F/24C, Vis about 50ft, no current at all!
Our second dive wasn't bad at all! Mantas were there, dolphins were there! Lots of fish, a number of lobsters that one more couldn't fit no more in the crevices, green morays, flounders, we had the time to enjoy each and all of it!
I am happy to say we continued doing more diving along the day to count a total of 4 dives, mantas were a non stop joy, graceful slow swimmers but also fast when they need it! We never feel alone underwater, every place we turned around mantas were there counting up to 8 at the same time when the least we had 4 to 5, so much they like to feel the bubble tickles that allowed even 3 divers at the same time to swim along just below the belly area to blow those so much wanted bubbles, now I let you imagine the length of the manta from tip to tip of wings!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V.

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